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Be on the lookout for an opt-out letter coming from Homefield Energy.  The City has received
an updated rate.  NO action on your part is necessary, IF you want to keep
the City's lower electrical rates if you are in the program.  

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From the Desk of the Mayor

 March 15, 2018

 As we are having more and more warmer days, I am seeing more and more people out raking and cleaning their yards. And so, I thought I would outline a couple of opportunities for the disposal of yard waste.

 Starting soon, you can have an open fire to burn yard waste. During the Spring, burning of landscape waste is allowed from April 1 through May 31 from 10:00 am until sunset – except on Sundays, holidays, and parade days. The rules include the presence of someone attending the fire and extinguishing it at the end of the day, and you can’t burn wet leaves that cause excessive smoke. Obviously, you shouldn’t burn if it’s too windy.

 A friendlier alternative would be to use the City’s drop off area by Moffitt Park at the north end of Second Street; it will be opened starting March 21. Here you can drop off your landscape waste for the City to dispose of in a single controlled burn. You must be a resident of Chillicothe to use this resource we only accept leaves, grass and hedge clippings, flower and garden trimmings, and limbs less than 4 inches in diameter.

 In April, the drop off site is open from 10:00 am till noon and from 4:00 pm till 6:00 pm on Wednesdays; and from 8:00 am till 1:00 pm on Saturdays. There must be a City attendant present. We have recently installed a donation box on site if you care to show your appreciation for this service.

 The City will also be doing some Spring cleaning. The annual clean-up of the City Cemetery is scheduled for April 9th. Our cemetery is a special place serving as a final resting place for our loved ones. Those with loved ones often place flowers and items by the graves that, over time, become weathered or worn. And so, please be advised that City workers will be removing items such as weathered flowers, toys, trinkets, etc. You are encouraged to remove any particular items you may wish to keep before the April 9th clean-up.

 Here’s an interesting fact I learned from the Fire Chief recently…. The average years of volunteer service of the current City and District firefighters is 14.6 years. This compares to the national average of firefighting volunteers at 7.5 years. Remarkable! Thank you for your continued service!

 You’ve probably heard by now that our Post Office is going to be named after Ryan Owens who attended IVC High School and, as a member of the elite counter-terrorism unit, SEAL team 6, died in combat in early 2017. To continue to honor the life of Ryan, there is now a State bill designating Illinois State Route 29 in Chillicothe as the “Senior Chief Petty Officer William ‘Ryan’ Owens Memorial Highway”. 

That’s all for this time. See you around town!



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