Welcome to the City of Chillicothe...

Where the Rails Cross the River
 Mayor’s Message:   

Friday, January 9 was a great day for Chillicothe – what a way to start the year! 

Gov-elect Bruce Rauner made Chillicothe one of his last stops as part of a small community fly around just days before being sworn in as Illinois’ 42nd governor.  

Pearce Community Center did a great job rolling out the red carpet for the incoming governor.  He arrived a few minutes early and addressed the crowd -- estimated between 250 – 300 -- for little more than five minutes   He acknowledged the challenges that were ahead of him as governor but is passionate and committed to doing all he can to put Illinois back on solid financial footing and growing its economy. 

Mr. Rauner then spent nearly 30 minutes mixing with the crowd and visiting one-on-one and posing for photos.  He took time to visit with more than 50 students from IVC and Calvary Baptist Academy.  One highlight was when one of the students  presented Rauner with an IVC Grey Ghost blanket and he posed for photos with the group.  What a great moment for the students! 

It was an exciting day. I want to thank Pearce Community Center staff for doing a fine job in putting a great face on our community for the visit.  I also want to thank the students who attended – a great group of young people representing our community.  

And a thank you to everyone else who attended to show our new governor – and media from the Chicago Tribune to the New York Times – that the people in and around Chillicothe are good folks who want to see our state do better.

 Your Mayor,

Doug Crew