Welcome to the City of Chillicothe...

Where the Rails Cross the River
 Mayor’s Message:   

 On February 2, the groundhog told us what we already knew – expect another six weeks of winter.  Even though spring may be a few weeks off, the city is working on a number of projects that will be under way as the weather warms up.

Recently the City Council approved a bid for a new water main on Walnut Street from Fourth Street to Santa Fe Avenue.  This will replace an existing smaller water line and also add three new fire hydrants.  The work will be completed in advance of a larger project to add storm sewers and rebuild and resurface Walnut Street, again from Fourth to Santa Fe.  That work should begin around mid-year.

The City is promoting residential growth with an “open house” on February 12.  Area realtors and builders are invited to hear about what makes Chillicothe worth considering when people are looking for a home.  Information will be provided about the Chillicothe Park District, Pearce Community Center, Chillicothe Public Library, IVC School District and area residential developments.  The goal is to put information in the hands of realtors and builders about our community, hopefully spurring residential development.

The City also will be starting a new program this year aimed at sprucing up our neighborhoods.  Some property owners in town could use a reminder about the need to avoid keeping unlicensed vehicles, trash and piles of debris in their yards.  The Police Department will be kicking off an effort to bring property owners into compliance with local ordinances.  We all have a right to expect our neighbors to maintain their property.   The City will be reminding folks that we all share that responsibility.

Hope your year is off to a good start.

 Your Mayor,

Doug Crew