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Where the Rails Cross the River
 Mayor’s Message:   

 The recent update of the City’s comprehensive plan showed support for expanded recycling in Chillicothe.  The Public Safety Committee of the Council has discussed recycling and some local citizens and a couple council members have been gathering information about what other communities are doing.   There’s also been discussion with the County on various programs.

A big factor is cost – both to the homeowner who would like to recycle but is concerned about the cost and second, potential cost to the City.  One community in Peoria County spends almost $100,000 per year to provide recycling for its residents.   One can’t argue that recycling isn’t worthwhile but at a time when the state is cutting money to municipalities, any city would have to be careful to take on that added cost.  Otherwise, residents – as is the case in Chillicothe – pay for every-other-week pickup for just under $10 per month. 

In the coming weeks, there will be more discussion about ways to provide local recycling . . . and doing so at the most cost-effective way to both the city and homeowner.   A goal of mine would be to have some kind of recycling available long-before the end of the year.   I believe the Council also is behind some kind of program.

It’s worth mentioning that Chillicothe is fortunate to have the Moffitt Park landscape waste drop off site.  From both citizens’ comments and heavy use of the drop off location, it’s obvious people like the convenience of taking their grass clippings and brush there.  The site will be open soon and we encourage users to obey all the rules both in terms of times of drop off and what material can be taken there.

Doug Crew