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Where the Rails Cross the River

 Mayor's Message: 

One of the key items coming out of the update to Chillicothe's Comprehensive Plan last year was the need to clean up the City.  The City Council agrees, and the Public Safety Committee continues to look at properties in town that need attention - things like weeds and tall grass, abandoned vehicles, debris in a yard, etc.  Without a full time staff person at City Hall responsible for identifying problem properties, our process for addressing was driven by complaints.

 Under Chief Mettille's leadership, the Chillicothe Police Department - with full support of the City Council - is instituting a zone ordinance enforcement program to address problems like weeds, tall grass and abandoned vehicles.  In short, each police officer will be responsible for a zone within the city, looking for obvious violations.  Property owners in violation will be given a 10-day notice to comply.   Our goal isn't to punish property owners who don't comply . . . rather, we want to get these areas cleaned up.  

Those who have heard about the program think it's a good idea.  When we clean up our City, we give visitors a better impression of the community.  And taking pride in our properties will show others that a well maintained community will ensure home values don't decline.   I encourage everyone to support this effort. 

Here's another way we can do something good for our community.

 Doug Crew