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Where the Rails Cross the River
 Mayor’s Message:   

The November 4 election is rapidly approaching.   While not a presidential election year, area voters will be selecting members of Congress, the Illinois General Assembly and constitutional offices in the State of Illinois.  The outcome will help determine the direction of our country, our state . . . and finally, put an end to those painful political ads! 

It’s easy to criticize the ads – candidates spend millions of dollars tearing down the opposition rather than making the case for their own election.    Polling tells candidates how to frame a message and which voters to focus on.  It’s easy for voters to be turned off by the entire process. 

But whether we like it or not, it’s the system we have for choosing the men and women who represent us.    

I encourage you to look beyond the ads and be a ‘smart voter’.  Do your homework, conduct your own research.   The internet puts volumes of information at our fingertips.  Maybe seek out people who have met the candidates and see what they think.  Above all, don’t be taken in by simplistic talking points or rely on 30-second television ads to make up your mind. 

The outcome of elections is too important to have voters sit on the sidelines and not participate.  And more important, our military veterans worked to preserve the right to vote; we owe it to them. 

I urge all voters to study the candidates and their positions on issues, make an informed decision - and VOTE!!

 Your Mayor,

Doug Crew