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Where the Rails Cross the River

 Mayor's Message: 

The City Council November 9 approved the appointment of Deputy Fire Chief Mike Denzer to Fire Chief, Chillicothe Fire Department.  Denzer replaces former Chief John Myers who retired October 1 after 13 years as chief and some 51 years of service to the department.

Denzer joined the CFD in 1995 as a fireman and moved up through the ranks over the next several years, becoming deputy chief in 2012.  The board of the Chillicothe Community Fire Department - which covers the area immediately outside the city limits of Chillicothe - also selected Denzer as its chief.  The two departments - one under jurisdiction of the City and the other governed by a board - share equipment and manpower and preferred a single head of two departments.  The fact that there were other qualified applicants from within the department for the position demonstrates the depth of skill and training that exists within the fire department.  Many of the volunteers have several years of service to the department and with that, hours of training.  Chillicothe is fortunate to have that level of leadership within a volunteer department.  Also, Chillicothe observed the first Veterans Day holiday at the new Veterans Memorial.  A crowd in the hundreds - including classes from South School and the Chillicothe Elementary Center - honored veterans for their service.  With local Boy Scouts raising the flag, music from the high school band and a flag display around the star outlining the memorial, it was a great way to celebrate this special day.  The project isn't yet complete but it is great to see this vision become almost a reality in less than two years.  Leaders of the effort expect to have the memorial completed by July 2016.  I encourage everyone to stop by and check out progress to date.  It's a great addition to Chillicothe.

Doug Crew