Choosing an Electric Vehicle

Choosing the right electric vehicle is an important part of your decision to switch to a cleaner, more enjoyable driving experience. There are a range of EV options available which are designed to suit different budgets, driving styles and tastes.

The first thing to determine when buying an EV is which type of car is right for you. There are a range of electric vehicles on the market and these fall mainly into three different types of car. To help make choosing easier, we’ve put together a brief overview of the benefits of each type of EV together below so that you can see which low emission car is right for you.

Different types of electric vehicles

There are three types of electric vehicle on the market; zero emission fully electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid vehicles and hydrogen fuel cell cars. All of these different types of cars are based on a similar principle and are powered either primarily or partially by an electric motor.

This means they all produce significantly less emissions than standard petrol or diesel cars. Because there are less moving parts than in a combustion engine, less can go wrong when driving an EV so you’ll spend less on repairs and maintenance and the cars almost never break down. Below we take a look at the different types of EVs and why each may offer something that could be right for you.

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